Proactive software

We design softwares so that they do the hard work, the idea is for you to be guided to the purpose in a proactive way.

Out Of The Box Designs

To dare is to bring modernity and seek the WOW factor! The designs are made to surprise expectations from start to finish.

Cutting-edge technology

Always looking for news, the software is created using the technology that will be the best solution to your needs.

About us

We were born to show the world that software must be smart and proactive. Most acts like the software is created only to group data when the potential is far beyond a spreadsheet with a custom layout. Real software is thought out in the smallest details, from the position of the login button, to the statistics needed to make a vital decision.


Based on strategic data, makes calculations, shows graphs and statistics for the user to make the best decision for their business.


It predicts situations, informs problems and directs the solution in an objective way, meaning, taking your hand and leading you to success.


It is not only offering a range of services, but have technical and analytical know-how to offer a complete solution for your business.


Many companies have unique processes and this is the competitive advantage, thus, SaaS do not respond and force adaptation. We design the process and develop the software exclusively for you.

Mobile Apps

Either to offer mobility for your solution or to launch a new and potential Startup. We are here to understand and raise the requirements, design and develop the idea to, in the end, you enjoy this magnificent creation.


Thinking about selling online and ready-made solutions limit you? Pleasure to meet you! With us your idea will be finally taken from the paper and launched to its customers. You can count on us.

Artificial Intelligence

Today the fight is for information that brings you quick and assertive answers. With AI it is possible to analyze/learn from data and draw conclusions/decisions that for humans would be impossible or highly costly.


Projects that will take your breath away and make our eyes shine with pride for fulfilling our mission.


Helping small business to reach their potential

I'm Here

A modern and complete solution for teachers to check the students attendence faster

Ambulance Management System

Helping ambulance crews to check all their equipments faster using sensors and mechine learning


A clean and simple way for doctors to manage pacients, apointments, and their medicines

Syntezza OCR

A powerfull online document Managment System that uses OCR technology for indexing and sorting documents

Our numbers


Projects developed over +3 years of history with lots of love and coffee


Lines of code architected, written, refactored and delivered


Happy, accomplished and mainly respected customers the Vizo way of being

The secrets of agility and perfection

How do we make it perfect in a lean, agile way and with a lot of delivery value? Simple, this magic has a name and called "Lean Thinking". This philosophy we consume more than coffee



Time to raise requirements, list them and finally extract value for deliveries in line with your expectations



Dividing deliveries in the so-called Sprint's, we start the work and at each cycle you can follow and score. Mandatory to achieve perfection



Once approved, we will start the continuous improvement of the delivery in order to make it ready for launch. It is one of the most important points for agility



We do a general overview of the project looking for important improvements for a great experience and visualization of value by the end user